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Do you want your site to be supported?

What do we offer?

  • ✅ We will help you about any of your problems with wikidot.
  • ✅ We will promote your site/wiki.
  • ✅ If requested, we will create a custom theme for your site.
  • ✅ We will prepare special modules for you.

What are our terms?

❗️ You can only use our modules with our permission, and you cannot share these modules with anyone outside of our organization.
❗️ If an organization not affiliated with us uses our themes or modules; an investigation will be initiated.
❗️ The terms in this list may change over time. If the terms change, you will be notified and can choose whether to re-accept the terms.
❗️ We will stop our support from sites that do not accept our current terms. If desired, in the next process; It is normal for us to provide support again with the acceptance of the current conditions.

⛔ Our codes cannot be shared with third parties.
⛔ Our modules that we designed/adapted for you cannot be used on other sites.
💯 Our terms are final and non-negotiable.

You need to:

  • Contact our officials.
  • Read our terms and if you agree, send us a message.
  • On your wiki page, give our developers Admin privileges.


We only make an agreement with the founder of the site or group. This means: No one other than the founder or administrator can make a deal with us on behalf of a site.

Legal action will be taken against people who use modules, themes and other works we designed without our permission.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License